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We Excel at What We Do



We excel at what we do. Our driving passion is fueling your excellence. We go beyond just "doing" your taxes. We apply ourselves to learning about your business and advising you on strategies that achieve your goals. We understand the complex legal and financial environment in which your business operates, and we help you understand it so you can make informed decisions that lead to your success.


A strong business establishes a sound financial system with a clear accounting plan. We help you develop budgets and forecasts, compile, review and audit financial statements and evaluate internal accounting and operational controls. We leverage our relationships with banking and lending institutions on your behalf.

At the same time, we recognize that both your business and the laws governing it are dynamic and it’s important to monitor changes and respond strategically. We closely review and adjust your accounting systems to make sure they effectively meet your needs.


An efficient business promotes a healthy financial balance. The two must work together for ongoing success. We provide meaningful business advice that integrates your business and finances into a single enterprise.

Our seasoned business consultants will help you reduce costs by implementing "best practices" that streamline your operations. They evaluate equipment, analyze systems and processes and make recommendations that improve workflow and boost productivity.


There are many reasons for determining the worth of a business. Our experience in appraising value and representing your interest is unparalleled. We have special training and expertise that assists in financial or estate planning, civil or marital litigation, estate settlement, and mergers & acquisitions.

This includes: 

- Valuation consultations

- Limited or full valuation reports

- Expert testimony in court proceedings

- Negotiating and analyzing mergers & acquisitions

- Resolving shareholder disputes


We represent family interests by safeguarding care for the elderly. It provides peace of mind that your family members are receiving the level of services and care they deserve. We help you assess the level of care needed, locate and engage an appropriate facility and monitor and report on patient care, so you’re informed on their well-being.

Need administrative support? Let us ease this time consuming burden. We’ll monitor income and investments, oversee the estate, pay bills as authorized, and collect and provide necessary information.


A personal financial plan may include income tax planning, estate planning and investment planning for education and retirement. We’ll guide you in forming a strategy that considers your long-term and short-term goals and fits comfortably with your budget and level of risk. We’ll regularly evaluate and adjust it to capitalize on the market and your changing needs.


Computer applications automate your processes for greater efficiency. Our experienced IT professionals have extensive knowledge of industry software and can provide customized programming that improves your business operations.

From simple accounting packages to comprehensive, e-commerce websites that are seamlessly integrated into your entire system, we’ll evaluate and implement a complete solution that includes training and ongoing support.


We are recognized by the courts as experts in business valuation and provide indisputable credibility in matters related to the corrugated container industry. Therefore, we are regularly called on to assist in the financial aspects of litigation. This includes writing expert reports, testifying at depositions and trials, assisiting in negotiations, evaluating the economic and tax liablities for settlements and forensic accounting.

Our understanding of the legal process and skill in the courtroom represents your interest in matters

related to: 


- Business valuations

- Marriage/Divorce

- Minority shareholder disputes

- Business acquisitions

- Buyouts & dissolutions



We offer a full range of medical consulting services geared toward physicians, medical practices and hospitals. Our ability to facilitate the administrative end of your practice lets you focus on medical care.

We assist in the following: 

- Review and analyze fees

- Practice buy-ins and buy-outs

- Implementation and compliance with CLIA and OSHA regulations

- Practice Management


We also evaluate outpatient services, develop physician retention programs and assist in physician recruitment.


We are Quickbooks ProAdvisors and can help set up your company on Quickbooks while you save 20% off the retail price of the newest versions of the QuickBooks software.


We make it a point to thoroughly know and understand tax laws, remain up-to-date on important changes that impact your business, and maintain resources that let us quickly find answers to your tax questions.

Our proactive approach implements strategies that minimize your taxes by seizing the opportunities that put you in a favorable position. We evaluate various procedures and reporting options, and determine how different choices affect your liability in the short and long term. We stand behind the integrity of our work and respresent your interests before the IRS and other tax authorities.



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