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PJ Schneiders & Company, LLP

Certified Public Accountants

P.J. Schneiders & Company, LLP is a family owned and operated business working in several states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina and Florida. We work with our clients on a personal basis as a full service financial advisor.

Although we provide many of the same CPA services as other firms the difference with us is in our delivery to you of those services. We work hand in hand with you in order to learn your business. After understanding your business we then combine our business expertise and knowledge of the tax laws to bring about the synergy of information that you require to make good business decisions. We will walk you and your business through the ever changing complexities of legal and financial compliance in a way that will allow you to capitalize on every business advantage available to you. Having these advantages will help you thrive in a competitive market place. All of this is accomplished with our relentless pursuit of excellence and a record of uncompromising integrity.

If it is important to you to have a financial organization that is responsive to your needs, that can answer your questions understandably, and on a timely basis then please contact me immediately.



Peter J. Schneiders, CEO, CPA

Specialists in the Corrugated Container Industry


Although we are certified public accountants, we prefer to be considered your trusted, financial advisors. Although we value your business, we are more committed to your success. Although we handle the demands of multiple sectors, we are compelled to respond promptly to your individual needs.

The professional services offered by PJ Schneiders & Company are similar to other CPA firms. The difference is not what we provide, but how we deliver - with uncompromising integrity, unending diligence and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We walk your business securely through the ever-growing tangle of financial and legal compliance in a manner that capitalizes on every advantage and helps you thrive in a competitive market.

Consultants for the Corrugated Container Industry


Peter J. Schneiders has over 41 years experience in every aspect of the corrugated container industry. His know-how and financial expertise benefits small to large companies that manufacture corrugated boxes, folding cartons and point of purchase displays. He’s walked in your shoes, navigated your challenges and knows what it takes to succeed.

Want to reduce waste? Increase your manufacturing efficiencies? Improve your profit & loss? Peter J. Schneiders will review your operations and make recommendations that streamline operations and improve productivity. His practical expertise in manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales will guide you in making decisions that advance your business.

Someone Who Knows

the Ropes


Peter is someone who will help you avoid the pitfalls. Looking to sell or transfer your business? Peter will guide you smoothly through the transition process. Need to form a new company vision? Train and motivate leadership? He’ll offer a fresh perspective and show your team how to think like and become leaders.

Peter has a history of leadership in successful enterprises. He’ll show you proven principles and practical methods that will help you follow in his footsteps.

Our History

Peter J. Schneiders began working in the corrugated container industry at the age of 17, after graduating from Father Judge High School. He attended college at night while working full-time for several packaging companies, graduated with a B.S. degree in accounting from St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, and eventually became a CPA.He continued to specialize in the corrugated container industry even after forming his own accounting firm in 1988. Today, his combined experience in both the private and public sector offers insight to numerous clients in various industries.Peter’s expertise in the corrugated container industry is especially valuable for small to large packaging companies that want to improve their business. His seasoned experience covers the entire industry from the administrative

side - financial, legal and business valuation—to improving performance in manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales.



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